MullenLowe Singapore and Unilever’s CLEAR launch #comebackstronger campaign to help young people build resilience during COVID-19 crisis. Youth given free access to resilience skills, tools and techniques co-created with top psychologists, academics and practitioners Posted on

MullenLowe Singapore and Unilever’s CLEAR, a global anti-dandruff hair care brand has launched #comebackstronger, an expert-led, content-driven digital campaign designed to help young people build resilience during the COVID-19 crisis.

#comebackstronger was announced on 28th April, via a video created by the agency and broadcast across all major social media channels.  From 1st May, a new video will go live every day for 14 days, hosted by experts and featuring interviews with special guests, discussing topics such as building your support network, establishing routines and remembering your strengths.  The videos, accompanying resilience hacks and additional resources form a 14day resilience challenge, free to access and hosted on

Officially launched worldwide in 2019, CLEAR brand purpose is aimed at equipping young people with the support and tools they need to become more resilient in managing anxieties and self-doubt. The COVID 19 situation has exacerbated mental health and anxiety concerns worldwide.

To develop the 14day resilience challenge, CLEAR worked in partnership with Dr Michael Ungar and Dr Phillip Jeffries at the Resilience Research Centre (RRC) at Dalhousie University and Silja Litvin, CEO & founder of PsycApps, Ph.D. candidate, honorary Research Associate at UCL in London & clinical psychologist.

“COVID-19 is changing how many of us live our daily lives. Work and school are disrupted, with friends and extended family being kept at a distance. We are all learning how to do things differently. Stress and worry can build up at times like this, so it is important to maintain your resilience and keep your head high. CLEAR is committed to enabling people to perform at their best, and this is why we have partnered with the Resilience Research Centre to develop a 14-day programme to power up your resilience.” says Tran Tue Tri, Global Vice President of CLEAR Hair Care at Unilever.

“We want to give people a sense of having some control over their lives at a time when we are all feeling pretty helpless. Building resilience and coming back stronger is the need of the hour and is completely in sync with CLEAR’s purpose” Subarna Prabhakar, Global Business Director, MullenLowe Singapore.