Embrace the New Quix


Quix is a dishwashing liquid brand with a long heritage in Chile. It is a brand that is used and loved by everyone’s mothers because of its efficacy in removing grease and affordability.

We faced challenges on two levels: First, Quix was losing relevance to the younger generation of consumers. While consumers have not rejected Quix entirely, Quix has fallen to their fall-back list of brands rather than their preferred list. Second, Quix faced the additional trial of launching a new product with natural ingredients in a retail world filled with brands and products claiming to be “natural”. Quix had to do something different and unexpected to break through the sea-of-sameness.

We started our search for the insight by looking at the broader cultural context. To the younger generation of consumers who grew up in post-dictatorship Chile, the society that they live in are rife with deep-rooted issues that range from income and gender inequality to environmental sustainability. But they believe that the society that they live in is also malleable and could be changed for the better. Understanding the cultural context, we found a scientific truth that was important for arriving at the insight. A study conducted by a group of psychologists at the University of Rochester in New York found that people who primed with natural landscapes reported that they valued personal relationships and doing good for the community more highly. This led us to the insight: Nature has humanising effects –  it makes us better people and bring out the good in us.

We reframed what natural means to consumers through the strategic big idea: Quix Essential Purity cares for the environment that brings out the goodness in us.

We developed the creative idea “Embrace the New Quix” that played on the double entendre of embrace: The physical act of holding something or someone close and the emotion of showing affection for something or someone. This was then brought to life with un-stereotypical yet genuine characters and situations.

We successfully increased Quix’s difference and meaningfulness, which in turn, led to growth in market share – despite the impact of COVID-19 on consumption.