Keep a Clear Head


Dandruff shampoos are seen as quasi medicinal: reached for, when dandruff strikes. It may seem like a small problem – but for 50% of the world who suffers from dandruff, it is a source of judgement, embarrassment, and blow to their confidence.

How do we build a purpose for a shampoo? We found out that there was a rising social issue of anxiety in the world affecting youngsters in a big way – being perceived as a stigma, most choose to hide it away, due to fear of labels that would last a lifetime.

We decided to launch our purpose “Resilience in the face of anxiety” with the brand’s roster of some of the world’s most famous faces. We bring one through their journey of darkness and doubts into the light, thus normalising the problem for one to have the confidence to keep going and achieve their goals.

The work has generated more than 45M views across various platforms globally since then, driving positive engagement from viewers.