Stress Causes Dandruff


People don’t understand the real cause of dandruff, seeing it as a hygiene issue rather than a health issue. In reality, dandruff is the body’s natural reaction to aggressors. Life is stressful and it peaks when stakes are high – be it at work or when matrimony is on the cards.

Drawing inspiration from a form of Japanese theatrical art ‘Butoh’, the stories were conveyed in a way which is uniquely distinctive to an anti-dandruff shampoo. We wanted to create a stage that will allow the performance to conjure imagery, tell the story and bring a situation to light – without actually showing anything.

The Butoh-inspired world is dark: an empty, vast, all-consuming blackness that will swallow you. We brought to life a grotesque, macabre theatre of the mind that builds up a feeling of overwhelming tension, stress and in the end, denouement. As we transition from performance to messaging – it shows how stress leads to dandruff and using Clear as the solution.

The work has bagged two Gold Lions in 2017 and Bronze Spikes in 2018 under the OTC Health Category, as well as Silver Spikes 2018 under FMCG Category.