Transform & Grow

Workforce Singapore

WSG had a series of grants available for SMEs under the Transform & Grow initiative, however awareness of the programs was low amongst SME decision makers. Whilst those who had heard of Transform & Grow had no idea about the individual grants and programs on offer.

SME’s are struggling to keep up in a fast-changing consumer world. Any support on offer appears to target only the latest tech start ups or coolest hipster brands, leaving the vast majority of Singaporean SMEs behind. As a result most businesses were not taking advantage of government grants and risked becoming irrelevant.

The humble Singaporean business is more likely to apply Feng Shui principles to their business, than apply for a government support program.

To leverage symbols of good fortune in order to persuade Singaporean SME owners that there is more concrete support available to each and every one of them.

Creative Idea:

Fortune favours those who Transform and Grow


  • 14% increase in interest towards Transform & Grow initiatives
  • 12% increase in understanding of how Transform & Grow initiatives could benefit SMEs
  • 7% increase in Transform & Grow being seen as an essential partner for SMEs in a fast-changing world