No doubts. Live Clear.


The rate of change in China is so accelerated that it’s widening the generation gap faster than before. While being a successful brand appealing to consumers within the age group of 25-35, the challenge was to make our brand cool and edgy for Gen X without changing our DNA.

There is a rising issue of anxiety in society which affects people of all ages, and more so especially for groups in transition. In China, living up to parental expectations is a major source of anxiety, and it takes the form of self-doubts – the greatest disabler when you need to get out there and perform.

Studies have shown that more than 70% of youngsters report feelings of anxiety in transitional moments. We decided to use our purpose to build a connection with our users: Why live in doubt? Why allow yourself to be under the mercy of things that causes you to doubt? Dandruff, criticisms, judgment, others’ opinions are things that you don’t need. Liberate yourself by getting rid of dandruff, anxiety and doubts: No dandruff in your hair, no doubts in your mind. Live Clear.

On the campaign launch day, the work has generated more than 8M in viewership, and over 100M of topic engagement on Weibo.